Why VibraTek Plus Is Superior To A Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System?


Optical fibre sensors have primarily been developed for the communications industry. As such, their use as vibration sensors inevitably involves compromises that limit their effectiveness as perimeter intrusion detection sensors. In contrast, Detection Technologies VibraTek Plus system was designed purely as an intrusion detection sensor. As such, incorporates features to enhance its effectiveness when deployed in such applications.

Better intrusion detection

Optical fibres by their very nature have a much lower Signal-to-Noise ratio compared to the microphonic technology used in VibraTek Plus.

This severely limits the ability of optical fibre systems to discriminate attack events from the residual background noise generated by the sensor itself. Therefore, the VibraTek Plus sensor cable has significant advantages detecting low level attacks caused by knowledgeable intruders accurately.

In other words, a fibre optic sensor will easily detect gross attacks, such as somebody breaking through a fence using a saw, but it may have difficulties to detect somebody slowly leaning a ladder against the fence and climbing over it.

Audio alarm verification

Fibre optics intruder detection systems measure the reflection of light that occur inside the fibre cable during intrusion activity to determine the point of intrusion.

VibraTek Plus operates as a linear induction generator that transforms mechanical vibrations resulting from intrusion activity into electrical signals. This microphonic technology not only allows to determine the point of intrusion but also provides a high-quality audio signal. The audio can be listened to by security personnel and thus provides a very useful mean of alarm identification and verification.

Less initial cost

While VibraTek Plus sensor cable is comparable in price with a fibre optic sensor cable, the major cost differentiator between both technologies is the electronics required for intrusion detection. Due to the low signal-to-noise ratio and the relatively poor signal, fibre systems require complex and costly analysing equipment to distinguish between an attack or non-intruder related activity.

Due to the exellent signal provided by the VibraTek Plus sensor Detection Technologies requires less costly analysing equipment for a more reliable intrusion detection.

Less installation cost

A fibre optic perimeter intruder detection system will require expensive optical splicing equipment for both installation and maintenance. Not only is the equipment expensive, but a skilled fibre optic engineer can easily cost a three-figure hourly rate. Besides that, fibre optics cable has to be treated very carefully to avoid any damages.

Detection Technologies designed installation to be simple and quick. The VibraTek Plus sensor cable uses traditional copper wire, and so can be installed by anybody with basic electrical knowledge using only basic tools such as screwdrivers and wire cutters.

Less maintenance cost

Repairing optical fibre systems is also comparably costly. Locating the damage to optical fibre sensors requires painstaking inspection of the entire length of the sensor, or the use of expensive time domain reflectometry test equipment. Again, this has to be carried out by a skilled fibre optic engineer who is sometimes difficult to get hold of.

On the other hand, repairing a damaged VibraTek Plus sensor only takes around 15 minutes. This means that your perimeter intrusion detection system experiences absolute minimum downtime even in the event of an intruder damaging the cable.

Designed & manufactured in the UK

Detection Technologies manufacturers all products on-site at the factory in Ripley, Derbyshire. This allows full control over production and quality control mechanisms. Detection Technologies has installed over 500,000 meters of sensor cable worldwide.

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