Why Is A Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Better Than An Ordinary Protective Fence?

Why Is A Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Better Than An Ordinary Protective Fence

There are several things that people need to consider before investing in a high quality security system. Here’s a quick guide to the main risk-altering scenarios that businesses face, and how to respond.


1) The Neighbours Have Upgraded

This is a familiar situation for many businesses and homeowners. When neighbouring properties upgrade their security, anyone left behind is highly vulnerable. Crime statistics show that when a neighbour upgrades their burglar alarm, your premises are more likely to be targeted.

When an area goes through a phase of change, it becomes a rapid magnet for thieves. This is the time to make sure that systems are ready to withstand attention from any unwanted visitors.

2) You Can’t Risk A Security Or GDPR Breach

The rules about data security have upped significantly, and this means that the simple theft of a laptop can carry a price tag of hundreds of thousands. If your company holds sensitive customer data – such as email addresses, bank details, or phone numbers – your loss is the criminal’s gain. With data theft being the fastest growing area of corporate crime, treat your perimeter fence with the same respect you give to your firewall.

Carry out detailed risk assessments to check whether the hazards are controlled. If theft of data-sensitive equipment is possible, consider altering your current security protocol.

3) Security Spending

Security tends to slip down the priority spending list – often until it is too late. This is a hidden area of vulnerability. Many companies and households rely upon insurance and do not learn until too late that prevention is a much better strategy. A very straightforward way of reducing insurance premiums is by investing in a personalised safety solution, which can offer a good ROI whilst also preventing trespassing from interrupting business continuity. A highly reliable perimeter alarm system reduces the threat of intruders more than a basic wall or fence, and this can be a no-nonsense way of taking control.

4) Keep Up With The Times

Brick walls have not developed much in the last millennia, but fence detection systems have. Detection technologies evolve quickly. This speed is driven by advances in criminal capabilities as well as innovations in the tech industry. To keep up with one, it is worth keeping up with the other. Traditional issues such as inclement weather and wildlife are no longer false-alarm threats, so today’s perimeter systems are highly robust.

5) Reducing Costs

Perimeter patrols cost money, and – unless you are the military and have an endless supply of soldiers – this is a waste of resources. For the majority of the time, perimeters are reasonably safe. On the one day that the premises is targeted, the likelihood of having the right patrol in the right area is minimal, and the cost of maintaining security vigilance is high. Once installed, a perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) does all of the hard work for you, and this is immediately cost-effective.

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