Help Ensure A Secure Environment For Vulnerable Young People


Nothing can disturb your good night’s sleep more than hearing intrusive noises near your home. If you are caring for or are a young adult with vulnerabilities, including severe communication or physical disabilities and/or reliance on medication or medical equipment, insuring continuous safety becomes even more of a priority. The simplest solution for you is getting a PID system for young people, which ensures you and those in your care are safe day and night.

At the same time, too many cables and cameras can easily make you feel your comfortable nest is turning into a high-security prison and ruin the personal space harmony that the most vulnerable people in your household require. But luckily, Detection Technologies have created a solution that can bring you the security you need, with little aesthetic impact and a high early detection rate: VibraFon, the ultimate wall protection system.

The VibraFon System

The VibraFon system includes an array of sensors, connected to a signal analyser module. Each analyser module can cater for wall lengths of up to 170 metres. Analysers can be linked to achieve higher ranges. The sensor technology is based on seismic principles and will let you know of any hostile actions happening, such as unaided or aided climbing, drilling or digging under the wall, by detecting and analysing the vibrations of these actions.

This system is designed to work on most types of perimeter walls, including brick, stone and concrete and will have minimal unneeded impact on a vulnerable adult’s everyday life. It can be installed completely hidden inside the wall with no signs of surveillance system on your walls. Alternatively, it can be mounted on the surface of the wall.

Features Of The VibraFon System

An astounding feature of the VibraFon system is its ability to tell the difference between random signals, occurring because of weather conditions, traffic or low-flying aircraft, and real indications of hostile activity. It does this through its powerful signal processing algorithms. By drastically reducing the amount of false alarms, it will not disturb the peace and everyday routine that vulnerable adults need the most.

By detecting that a hostile activity may happen before the intruder even manages to climb over or breach the wall, the VibraFon system is making sure you always know when something potentially harmful is happening. This leads to a higher early detection rate than other systems, giving you more time to put yourself and the vulnerable people in your care out of harm’s way, while alerting those able to help in a timely manner.

Also, the system’s design allows you to choose between two configurations, according to the needs and conditions of the vulnerable people in your household. The first is the standalone configuration, where each analyser is a self-contained module. Adjustments to it can be made from your own laptop PC with the appropriate software.

The second is the networked configuration, recommended for larger facilities. This will be used with a security management system, with alarm data transmitted from each analyser to the control room. Both configurations are guaranteed to ensure the safety of young adults with vulnerabilities.


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