Tenth Swedish Prisons Is Now Protected By Detection Technologies

Prison PIDS

Detection Technologies is proud to have been chosen to protect another Swedish prison with its unique software solutions. This is the tenth Swedish prison to be fitted with our groundbreaking electronic detection system, and our solutions truly do provide an excellent means of alerting prison officers to any intrusion or escape attempts.

The Swedish prison system is fairly laid back, so authorities are not too concerned with employing huge numbers of guards and security operatives to ensure perimeter security. Swedish prisons find our state-of-the-art electronic perimeter intrusion detection (PID) systems make ideal substitutes for heavy handed guards and cut out any need for constant patrols of the prison boundaries.

Reasons To Opt For Prison Security Solutions From Detection Technologies

One of the main reasons to choose Detection Technologies for prison security solutions is that we can tailor our electronic detection system around the perimeter to completely meet your prison guarding requirements in full. Our customers appreciate our focus on minimising the occurrence of false alarms, while providing a system that offers the highest possible detection alert capabilities utilising all the latest software technologies.

Our prison security systems are driven by the latest technologies and provide the cost-effective, efficient solutions required in this demanding sector. Security staff within prisons will receive instant alerts if anybody should make attempts to climb over or break through the prison perimeter. This reduces any need for continual monitoring or patrolling by security staff or guards.

One of the major reasons our PID systems are so popular in Sweden is due to the Swedish focus on providing as much support and rehabilitation as possible to criminals within the prison system. Prison security staff and guards are encouraged to get to know all the prisoners well and build the rapport needed to help prisoners make positive lifestyle changes. Using our effective perimeter defence solutions makes it easier for prison staff to focus all their energies on the people within their care.

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