Protecting 5G Cell Towers During Corona

The protection of our critical national infrastructure, including telecommunications, energy, water, distribution and health facilities is always essential, but during global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently experiencing, security requirements must be reviewed regularly and further systems put in place to protect this infrastructure from risks which previously may not have been considered.

Over the past few weeks, many wireless telecommunications masts – also known as cell towers – have been targeted by arsonists who have been lead to believe that they are in some way responsible for the
COVID-19 outbreak. Previously, arson may not have been considered high-risk for these cell towers, but that has rapidly changed over the previous weeks.

Not only are these cell towers an essential part of our national infrastructure, but they also allow the emergency services to respond to 999 calls, they keep our supermarket and NHS delivery networks operating efficiently, and they are also the only means of contact with the outside world at this time for many people who live alone, including the elderly and the disabled.

Furthermore, damaged cell towers can take weeks to repair, it costs an enormous amount of money, and it causes unnecessary disruption to both individuals and businesses who rely on them.

The Solution

Detection Technologies have developed a wide range of perimeter intrusion detection systems over the past 13 years. Our VibraSector complies with CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) and can be installed on the fence securing a cell tower site or on the cell tower itself.

When combined with our VibraTek Plus 4th generation microphonic sensor cable, this will create a crucial additional layer of security which can protect remote, unmanned sites such as cell towers from any form of attack including arson, theft, vandalism or criminal trespass.

This will then detect any intruders attempting to gain access to the site, sending an alarm signal to a central control room so that security personnel or the police can be despatched to the site. In addition to this, an audible alarm, floodlights, or any other security device can also be triggered to deter the criminal from gaining entry to the site when the alarm is activated.

VibraSector can be easily installed while adhering to social distancing without compromising the installation procedure.


Investing in a Detection Technologies VibraSector system to protect your cell tower site is:

  • Highly cost-effective
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Compliant with CPNI
  • Simple to remotely monitor

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