Wall Sentinel is a revolutionary new building protection system.

  • * Proven to be 100% effective in preventing wall-attack burglaries
  • * Designed, developed & manufactured in the UK
  • * Can be installed on walls, cladding and roofing
  • * Ram-raids, sledgehammer attacks, concrete saws and other attack methods are instantly detected.
  • * Successfully protecting some of the UK’s largest companies. Quick to install, Impossible to defeat!

Wall Sentinel is designed to detect intruders attacking the walls of your building with sledgehammers, concrete cutters, and vehicle impacts. It can even be installed on the roof or cladding for further protection and peace of mind.

It’s quick and easy to install, with no disruption to your business. Wall Sentinel also integrates seamlessly with any alarm system. No electronics are installed on the outside of the building, making it impossible to be tampered with.

Integration of Wall Sentinel to your existing alarm panel is as simple as connecting a PIR sensor or door contact. This integration can then be used to trigger strobe lighting, sirens and even an internal Smoke Cloak system, in addition to alerting the police or your security response team.

Optional signage can be added to provide a further deterrent to criminals.

Wall Sentinel is perfect for the protection of distribution centres, warehouses, retail stores, factories, strong rooms, vaults, and other sites at risk of a wall-attack burglary.

With over 70 sites in the UK protected with Wall Sentinel, it has proven to be 100% effective in detecting, preventing and deterring wall attacks.

Wall Sentinel is a turn-key solution; We take care of design, manufacture and installation to provide you with the quickest, most effective way to protect your business.

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