The MikroTek system has been specifically designed for smaller-scale projects which are critically cost-sensitive. The single-zone detect up to 300m of fence.

MikroTek analyser line configuration


The system set-up is very straightforward. The analyser requires neither special tools or software to configure the system for use and all adjustments can be made using simple tools carried by most service engineers.

The MikroTek analyser employs a hybrid design which features both analogue and digital sections of the onboard circuitry. Careful selection of circuitry type permits significant cost benefits without sacrificing system performance.

The inclusion of two discrete signal processing channels ensures a zero compromise solution to setting system sensitivity for both CUT-through and CLIMB-over attack scenarios. Analogue filters are employed to select frequencies of interest for both the CUT and CLIMB detection channels while a microcontroller handles the signal processing.

The MikroTek analyser is designed to work in conjunction with Detection Technologies’ VibraTek Plus linear magnetic sensor cable and can monitor a maximum detection zone length of typically 300 metres.

In common with most other detection systems produced by Detection Technologies, the MikroTek analyser offers the facility to monitor the audio signals produced by the VibraTek sensor cable, thereby providing alarm verification as a standard system feature.


The UnoTek shares many of the benefits the MikroTek analyser offers. The PID system is designed for smaller sites with a perimeter boundary of up to 300 metres. The UnoTek analyser also utilises the tried and tested VibraTek Plus linear magnetic sensor cable to ensure achievement of best performance in terms of detection probability and false alarm rate.

UnoTek analyser line config


In addition to the MikroTek system the UnoTek standalone analysers may be provided with a range of communication interfaces including RS232, IrDA, and TCP/IP thereby ensuring that the task of integrating the detection system with 3rd party control equipment may be achieved quickly and effectively. Besides that each UnoTek standalone analyser provides a single discrete detection zone which includes a simple semiconductor relay contact interface compatible with most commercially available alarm panels and other legacy annunciation equipment.

UnoTek also employs a PC interface via a USB port to access a comprehensive range of detection parameters which ensure optimum system performance. The system provides an onboard alarm logging function capable of registering up to 1000 alarm events with each alarm event date and time stamped.

In common with most other systems offered by Detection Technologies Ltd., the UnoTek analyser includes comprehensive protection against transient damage caused by electromagnetic events (lighting etc.) which may occur in close proximity to the detection zone.


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