Why Choose Detection Technologies For Your Perimeter Detection Deterrents

Why Choose Detection Technologies For Your Perimeter Detection Deterrents

Perimeter detection deterrents are crucial components for organisational, public, and private safety. Perimeter safety has a reputation for being costly and often inefficient, but this is an antiquated notion that does not reflect enhanced engineering methodologies. Technological advancements mean that reliable solutions are out there, but knowing which option to choose can be overwhelming.


The type of protection offered by Detection Technologies is designed by experts, for experts. We pride ourselves on being the best of the best. Here is why:

Do Not Trust Us – Trust The Independent Verifiers

When it comes to detection security, peer-reviewed testing and accreditation is vital. Detection Technologies is independently evaluated by the Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure (CPNI). CPNI has the dual role of establishing the integrity of security systems and evaluating the cost to value ratio.

The evaluation process is extensive. It involves monitoring the perimeter alarm over a minimum period of eight months – some of which must be in the winter – in order to assess issues such as false alerts. Curious animals and blustery weather are more frequent than criminal intruders, so alarm systems need to achieve the correct sensitivity balance. Based upon movement, weight, and noise vibrations, they need to be able to safely guarantee to know the difference between a thunderstorm and a thief – something that non-CPNI approved systems often struggle with.

CPNI approval is rare, but valuable. It means that the system has the highest level of integrity and safeguarding.

Integrated Verification

Knowing the difference between a snapped tree branch and an intruder wielding a pair of bolt cutters can be a challenge for any security system. Designing a circuit so that it recognises the subtle variances is crucial, but integrated verification is also important. Integrated verification makes use of audio signatures so that the security team can quickly identify the source of the interruption. It is an intuitive option that enables rapid diagnosis and enhanced safety.

Practical Experience

If you are reading this and are working in special effects, private security, or military operations, you will already understand the value of practical expertise. When it comes to bespoke engineering, quality matters. Our approach tackles the main headaches that render some private detection equipment inefficient, whilst offering an above-spec service. A combination of advanced engineering and thorough, on-the-ground testing results in reliable systems that keep locations secure.

Informative, Personalised Approach

Security is location-specific, and this means working with site owners to understand the details. The nature of the assets as well as geographic and environmental variables have a major influence on defence needs. Detection Technologies works with diverse clients, from prisons to explosives storage units, and each of these requires a slightly different approach. We listen, learn, and respond.

Site security is an important investment, and the right security partnership can make a real difference. For more information please call 01773 744750, or email info@detection-technologies.com to request a call back.


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