One Of The Largest Private Houses In London Is Now Secured

Priva House PIDS

One of London’s largest private residences has had a significant security upgrade. Having been bought a few years ago, the new owner has been hard at work transforming the 25-bedroom stately home into a sprawling complex. The Grade II listed Georgian mansion is now equipped with state-of-the-art perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) and other high-tech security measures, following a significant renovation that includes an underground pool, sauna and cinema.

Security Upgrade For Luxury Mansion

This property was, in its Georgian heyday, a place for the elite to gather for grand parties and dinners. Above the ground, the protected heritage site is a classical period property, complete with original features and furnishings.

Protecting The £100 Million Mansion

The property was bought for £50 million, and the expansion has been estimated at another £50 million. There is a whole lot of value to protect at the site! It is no wonder the owner has taken extensive steps to protect this beautiful property against intruders.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a one-bedroom bungalow or a sprawling multi-acre estate: there is always a risk that somebody may come and take what you have. Home security is essential if you want to protect what is yours.

However, with a grand property such as this, the possible benefits of theft are far higher and greater risks will be taken. A high-tech security system is required to combat even the most determined of thieves.

The Value Of Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

The best way to protect a property of any size is to prevent entry across every part of the site. With a high-end property, this means protecting the edge of the estate, at the property’s boundaries, and where somebody may try to gain entry. Using perimeter security systems is a great way to secure a site from the edges.

A perimeter intrusion detection system surrounds the entire property and alerts the owner and security team whenever there is a disturbance of the perimeter field. A security team can be deployed immediately, and the authorities can also be alerted, so any offender can be apprehended quickly. Perimeter systems work perfectly together with CCTV.

There really is no substitute for the peace of mind that a perimeter security system can bring. Whether the system is used to protect a work site or to keep a residence private, a perimeter intrusion detection system greatly reduces the chance that thieves, or attackers can access your premises and commit other criminal acts.


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