Get Instant Warnings During Security Breaches

Get Instant Warnings during Security Breaches Thanks to Detection Technologies

Security products developed for defence, construction, engineering, transport networks and prisons have evolved dramatically in recent years. From fence mounted systems to CCTV and alarm outputs, technology has really come into force in the security field.

With thousands of industries relying on security, it’s more important than ever to find the right detection system technology that keeps things both in and out of the fences. Perimeter fence protection utilises the latest innovations in detection technology to create some of the best products on the market.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PID systems) utilise state-of-the-art detection technology to provide enhanced security for walls and fencing. They are designed for all types of security fencing systems and provide instant detection.

Used in many industries such as government premises, critical national infrastructure and prisons, the intrusion detection system may combine sensor technology with CCTV for maximum effect.

Detection Technologies PID systems can also are used to detect audible signals and vibrations caused by most hostile activity. This includes cutting, climbing, and other attempts at sabotage. It can be fixed to several different types of perimeter barriers, including mesh, fences and walls. PID systems for prisons are used widely around the world because of their high impact and instant detection. They can also be used for military installations and other high-security properties.

MikroTek, UnoTek or DuoTek Standalone

The DuoTek and UnoTek Stand alone detection technologies are used for smaller industry sites where they may have one area they wish to protect. This technology using the latest signal processing hardware can also be used remotely. It is a more affordable answer to fence security and can protect up to 600 metres with a single analyser. Multiple analysers can be linked to achieve even higher ranges.

DuoTek NET

The DuoTek Net system is designed to incorporate the DuoTek with a CCTV system to offer remote control and additional monitoring. Each system can protect a maximum of 64 separate detection zones and is a cost-effective solution without compromising on efficiency. You can adjust the analysers remotely and the system uses industry-standard RS485 communications as well as integrating seamlessly with additional detection systems via an EtherNet interface.


The MultiTek system is another upgrade from the DuoTek NET. The system is operated from a central processing unit which can be remote from the location of the perimeter fence. The system offers additional cost savings because no power is required to be connected to the fence itself. The system can be expanded to protect 64 detection zones, much like the DuoTek NET but its ability to function from a control unit away from the site is what makes this product really stand out.


The VibraSector is an analyser that can monitor up to 1000 metres of perimeter fencing. These analysers are at the top of their game, introducing location accuracy better than most products on the market. The system achieves this by segmenting into 98 sub-zones for enhanced accuracy. An award-winning analyser, this system uses a simple process using the latest technology in the industry.


The VibraFon system is the unique answer to PID systems for prisons where there is more need to detect people climbing over, drilling into or digging under the wall the perimeter wall. It’s an effective system that can detect even the smallest of vibrations. The system is unique because no mechanical structures need to be added unlike most other products on the market. It works well for government buildings, prisons and other high security sites.

Technology has had a great impact on security systems in a big way. The enhanced ability to detect breaches instantly cause for less error, manpower and quicker responses for more secure environments. These detection technologies are at the forefront of the industry, integrating with 3rd party security systems and being employed in a number of different industries.


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