A Fence Hole Caused Delays at Cologne/Bonn Airport in Germany

No good news for passengers departing from German airport Cologne/Bonn this Saturday morning. A security incident has disrupted flight operations. An extensive security check was carried out after a hole in the outer fence of the airport was identified.

fence whole at cologne bonn airport

Source: DPA

The fence whole was identified in a routine check of the airport boundary and thereafter immediately repaired.

The airport has taken the situation very seriously because breaking through the fence provides immediate access to the airport’s high security area.

Police, airport security and customs officers carried out a wide-ranging security check making use of police dogs and helicopters. Luckily there was no security risk identified.

According to information from security circles, there is a suspicion that a planespotter might have cut the fence to get a better view. However, this was not confirmed by any official yet.

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