Ensure Your Airport Has The Maximum Perimeter Security

Landing Plane

Airports need to be among the most secure locations on Earth – and that includes protecting the perimeter against intruders. That first line of defence can prevent all manner of incidents, allowing airports to get on with the business of flying people and goods around the world.

What Risks Exist In An Airport Environment?

Though aeroplanes themselves are a relatively safe method of transport, the airports they fly to and from can be high risk places. An unauthorised person in an area they shouldn’t be, such as the runway or the baggage hold, poses a risk to themselves and also to others in the airport. There have been many cases of people gaining access to a runway, through a weak point in an exterior fence, in order to get a better look at the airport – sometimes with fatal consequences.

Airports are at significant risk of terrorism and other highly illegal and dangerous behaviours. An intruder in an unauthorised area could be far more dangerous to others than the average trespasser, if they have sinister intent. Hijackings, bombings and other forms of terror are a real risk.

Why Protecting The Airport Perimeter Is Vital

Once an intruder with dangerous intent has accessed the airport itself, they are worryingly close to the public and to the planes, so the chance of them doing some damage is heightened. Stopping them before they reach the inside of the site contains and limits this risk.

Airports already have excellent security on the inside: but constant monitoring of the site’s perimeter can prevent threats from ever breaching the fence. Intruder detection can also alert staff to errant trespassers quickly, so they can be warned against their dangerous behaviour and swiftly arrested or ejected.

Choosing The Right Perimeter Security System

Detection Technologies Ltd has spent more than two decades working in the perimeter security industry, and we understand exactly what risks modern industries face. Our patented fence intrusion detection technology can cover perimeters stretching hundreds of metres or more, making us the ideal choice for airport security and other large outdoor industrial sites.

Every premises and site are different and carries a unique set of risks. The right perimeter security system for your airport or airfield can only be determined through detailed consultation with industry specialists like Detection Technologies. We can fully assess your site perimeter and make recommendations to help you choose the safest, most effective intruder detection systems.

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