Britain’s Biggest Burglary Conspiracy: How A PID System Benefits Home Owners

In 2018, police in the Midlands uncovered the biggest burglary gang they’d ever seen. The gang took advantage of the dark winter nights and lax security on homes across the West Midlands, Staffordshire and Gloucestershire. They specifically targeted affluent homes from which they looted over £845,000 of jewellery, watches and cash.

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Police said that the gang always broke in at night, to avoid CCTV, and always via first floor windows to avoid alarm sensors installed on the ground floor. This allowed them to get straight into bedrooms where valuables were likely to be kept. The gang were so ruthless in their search for expensive goods that they even brought jewellery testing kits with them to test the purity of gold items while they were still in their victim’s homes.

In one burglary, the gang were caught on CCTV lowering a safe from a first floor window using bed sheets. The stolen goods were then immediately shipped to Romania, where the gold jewellery was melted down and sold, and the cash was laundered. Although the gang were jailed, very little of their ill-gotten gains were recovered and handed back to their victims.

Installing a VibraTek Plus perimeter intrusion detection system is the best way of preventing a burglary like this. As the police discovered, the gang knew how to avoid the traditional security systems. A perimeter intrusion detection system however, would be installed on the perimeter walls and fences, so that as soon as an intruder makes an attempt to climb over, this will immediately raise the alarm.


But the best part is that the VibraTek Plus sensor cable is virtually invisible when it’s installed. It looks no different to a telephone or satellite TV cable and so unlike a CCTV camera, it doesn’t become a target for criminals to attack and attempt to disable. If however an intruder does cut the VibraTek Plus sensor cable, this will immediately give a specific tamper alarm to the VibraSector analyser so that such an event can be given absolute priority.

Our VibraSector analyser can be seamlessly integrated with your existing home security system, which means you don’t have to configure or set multiple security systems when you leave. In addition to this, VibraSector also has the ability to provide the exact location of an intruder, and provide live audio feedback from the perimeter. This allows you to hear exactly what is happening at the point of intrusion as if you were next to the intruder.

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